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Spa facing the sea, facing the beach and the promenade

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I always wondered what was the thing about a spa in front of the sea. After all, the spa is a closed place, so what do I care if it is in front of the sea or in the caves of Qumran?

Until I went - and I understood. After all, it's all fun to get to the spa, and to discover that the view from the outside is the blue sea. Another thing I realized is that all the fun and fun after spending time in the spa facilities, I go out to the terrace with a cold drink - and in front of me is the endless sea.

For me, the view of the sea reminds me of continuity. And in this case - the continuity of the spa. After indulging myself in showering currents and looking at the sea - I actually saw the continuation of the spa ... as if the spa were kissing the sea.
And the truth is, what is more romantic and cool than a spa in front of the sea, when the balcony has a Jacuzzi and the view on this balcony is a charming beach ..

Even after I spent a lot of time in the sauna (air, please!) I cleaned my face and went out into the fresh air-I discovered how cool it was that the cool, salty sea air softened my face and my breath.

There's nothing to say, a spa in front of the sea simply adds to the atmosphere. The very fact that the spa is located in front of the sea - gives the option sunk after spending time in the spa to go to the beach. But on the other hand ... Who needs the sea when there is a spa ?? I already have everything there ...

In the country there are many spa centers located in front of the sea, only need to choose.