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Another day passed

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Wai the clock did not ring
I was late for hell work!
It's no good to go
And another hour the boss goes
Or what will I do?
Burn the day like that
Without doing anything
Go to a friend or walk or die of boredom
She was having the same thing every day
Work trips and friends
Maybe you can do more things?
Go horseback riding, or take a jeep trip
But this, too, is another journey of travel
I had an idea
Something and this is madness
We'll take the woman back from work
And she had a surprise - a spa , without her knowing
He spoils her with a good massage
In an oil bath with a glass of wine like that to love
Body peeling, for more stroking
And finish with a gourmet meal
So we can have a nice day
So I did not go to work or go to a friend
And the truth was not missing
Not a jeep ride or a horse ride
But I certainly indulged in the spa plus!
By: Moshik Shmuel