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Health Spa

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We all know that spa is a place of beauty and health, and that is why Spa has a very important health aspect that offers a variety of health treatments and spa facilities that contribute to our health:
A sauna that benefits the skin of the body and face, Jacuzzi facilities with water jets useful for muscular and joint pain, a bath of oils and salts that contributes to lowering blood pressure and relaxation, good hot baths for all kinds of patients and various pains and others with medicinal properties that help us feel (and look) better.
Even the massages offered here are part of a health spa:
There are medical massages and a deep tissue massage that requires several treatments.
There is the holistic, holistic massage that benefits both the health of the body and mental health.
The massage with hot stones, Shiatsu, Reflexology and Reiki can not be forgotten either.
Each of these spa facilities can either heal or benefit people's feelings.
Today there is a great awareness of the concept of health spa, so you can see that the spa places offer natural juices, herbal teas and even healthy meals.
Apart from the healthy food in the spa centers, there are generally equipped gymnasiums, tennis and golf courts (in larger and more prestigious spa centers) and a variety of health workshops.
In the Dead Sea, for example, with the rich air of bromine and the natural salts, there are spa hotels, and even if we travel north we will discover that the clean and clean oxygen of northern nature knows how to make good use of spa centers and even a spa estate.
The spa also offers beauty treatments, as well as wellness. Because the spa advocates the equation: mental health = body health.
Is it any wonder that after spending time in a health spa, you look like this and feel that way?
A combination of good health and a quality spa - on site - Spa Click for all the offers.