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How to behave in a spa

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The Ten Commandments - How to behave in a spa

Do's and Don'ts: What to do when you arrive at a spa, and what you should not do

  1. Come in high spirits. If there is not - the place itself will already give.
  2. Bring a swimsuit.
  3. Build - it is very desirable to shave beforehand. And there is no need to explain why.
  4. Please bring with you a partner you love. After all, the next few hours you are going to move with her.
  5. The main thing is that you come. And come back.
Do not do:
  1. Do not invite bring in advance a friend you know is a tick. At most, you can always run away while he closes his eyes in body treatments.
  2. Do not bring crackers-drink-food. This place is not the Bloomfield Stadium. After such a day filled with water and battery filling, there is a situation that you will go hungry. In any case, is there an option for a meal breaker, or is it the problem after that to go to a restaurant?
  3. No way to shout. Even if you saw a cockroach there, and even if you find out that your friend is gay. Still, this is a spa place.
  4. No need to bring flip flops, towels, robes and shampoos - the place itself will provide you with them.
  5. Do not worry. In any case, you will leave from there happily to the roof.

* The article is written in masculine form, but is intended for both sexes.