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Massage at home

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If someone wants to get a good massage but does not have the strength to travel and get stuck in traffic jams, he has two options:
1. Invite a masseuse to your home.
2. Get a massage at an independent home, from a partner.
The first option can always be available and convenient, but the second option is much cheaper - and fast - and yet requires patience. So what needs to be done to win all this fun called massage at home?
Prepare another person, with potential and strong hands (it can be you) - and of course not be lazy.
Have a pleasant smell in the room (Airwick Aromatherapy Candles Aromatic oils you decide.
Make sure they are fat for a massage, or a body lotion for massage, etc.
Background music - preferably (soft melodies such as Enigma, USA, Gregorian, etc. - will help a lot, not to alarm the participant with loud, bouncy music).
Dim light in the room.
If you have all these things at hand, you are arranged.
If you are a couple - you can then surprise each other with your love.
If you are a friend, or a mother and daughter, or whatever - the main thing are two girls - you can then "clean" all kinds of beauty treatments and pampering (facial beauty masks, smelling polish and more).
Sometimes the massage at home does not come out like you could get from a professional therapist, but you never know - there are surprises, and maybe your partner is doing it better than a professional therapist?
Besides, the atmosphere and laughs that may occur that day, and the closeness that will be spaced between the two of you - are worth all the effort, as it were, and the hassle of doing a massage at home ...
And if you want to go to a spa site - then order an interesting package on sale