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Oil for massage

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Ylang-ylang, patchouli, lavender .. The list goes on. And here it is not about canola oil or olive oil for cooking - but about massage oil.
Oil massage, or aromatherapy oil - is designed to massage and relax the body and it exists in a variety of fragrances and used for various operations and uses:
One will purify the body and mind, the other will relax, the third will be muscles occupied and there is a massage oil stimulates.
Massage oil is a required item in any massage. It is difficult to find a massage without massage oil as an "aid" - whether it is to relax the body, release stress and more.
Of course, you can not forget the wonderful aroma of massage oils and outstanding smell - and that's why you can find a variety of aromatic oils (which are extracts of oils dripping on atmosphere candles and created a smell in the room).
All this so that they bring a significant touch to the atmosphere and put good energies into the soul.
Massage Oil - Aromatherapy oil is made up of almond oil that contains all the necessary minerals for the body that are absorbed in the blood. All the minerals missing in the body - the oil, in fact - adds them.
The sesame oil used in the massage contains vitamins and minerals that provide the body with what is needed (especially for those who lack calcium, the body absorbs calcium from the oil).
Lavender oil absorbed in the blood - contributes to insomnia, and there are many other types of oils that release the nerves in the body, and each separate into its own - the peripheral nervous system.
Yilang-ylang oil is an oil that causes "floating", a certain rise - and even sexual arousal, to those who have a low sexual desire.
And there are of course a variety of oils and odors designed for different atmosphere and to provide solutions to the problems of the body, and soul.
In Chinese medicine they investigated and found an advantage in oils that stimulated the nervous system and caused the opening of emotional blockages (including fleet energy = life energy).
Therefore, there are many qualities in aromatic and aromatherapy oils that the body needs.
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