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A masseuse

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Friends, I'm sure I found Christ.
My masjid!
This guy, like a magician, pulls out his wand (massage oil)
And really makes me wonder ...
If you do not know (there's someone like that?) It's a massager. A certified masseuse with certificates: It can be a massage therapist specializing in a particular type of massage, and even in several massages. He must be very patient, courteous, approachable, and also attentive, a kind of psychologist - to know where it hurts, physically and mentally ...
So my maskist really is. Suffering from all my manipulations and pains, and he - in his charming way - gives me a soluble smile and melts my body with his fleshy and useful hands. (Here I have to stop and say luck or pity, I'm not his age.
There are days when he "tears" me with a Thai massage or with cupping, and there are days when he actually paints a smile on my face because of the holistic massage he gives.
Basically, I knew this maskist through my cousin, she is addicted to this whole thing of spa, body and mind health, and I know what ...
Until I said good to her, look. Just look ?! Looks forever !! I was really addicted to the massages of this angel. I know it sounds rude, but I make my body adopt and exhaustion - just so that after that I can enjoy his massage. Yes, that much.
Although I am older (at last I am big), but with this tradition of massages it's hard for me to move forward. My skin looks healthier, taut, radiant - after every massage and massage. And it also has a long-term effect. It's a pity you do not see a picture of me, how I look at this age .. in addition to a healthy lifestyle.
That's why I'm so praising and praising my maskist, who knows how to push right in the right places, knows how to release the muscles that are occupied and sometimes makes me meditate with all the heart, with the right music and words.
No wonder I'm waiting for any such meeting.
Messiah or not Messiah?
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