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Spa News: Surfers write

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By: Terry Shmuel - A song about a spa

A princess for a day
I got up annoyed, got up tense
And in addition I felt sore and trapped.
Ten minutes of massage from my husband did not add or help
Even a hot shower was not enough.
I'm tired of seeing the parquet and jug in the living room
I need a princely feeling from the top decile.
I set myself up and started walking around town
And suddenly I saw a rich and varied spa sign.
I went into the spa, from a magnificent Roman palace
Amazing place, I've started to sing ..
Honestly, the hostess greeted me
A little girl with almond eyes, just like a fairy
I was introduced into a magical world just like fairy tales
Already the tension and nerves began to fade,
Special decorations and sculpture everywhere
People came out of the treatment rooms and whispered "a real dream"
I felt like I would get out of here a princess today.
As I wander and stare
I went into a small, perfumed room, and I was happy.
A strong man whose eyes I had lost
He motioned me to go up to the white bed
He held out his hands and professionally massaged my body
He had not forgotten a part of me, my thighs, my back, and my head.
After that, I enjoyed a Jacuzzi with oils
Relaxing, warm, the senses of the trees.
I have not forgotten the unique wooden sauna
And found that there was not only dry but also wet.
And after my body had broken up with all his pain
I felt my stomach growling, I felt hungry.
And of course like a princess I got a gourmet meal,
But, as much as my husband will be jealous ....
I would be happy to receive comments at the bottom of the page for a spa
By: Terry Shmuel - Another song about spa
Massage - this is the time ...
Can not forget, that's another part of my day
A spa that has forgotten my problems
The touch of all my body, the one that frees me
This massage reassured me
This is the time, this is the time I know
The massage misses
Such a massage has not yet been done to me alive
This is the time, this is the time I know
Masage is already going crazy
I swear it's good and true
I have a masseuse, who knows what he's doing
And professionally says "hard back hard"
When he gives me a massage with stones
I feel the clouds
I want to go back to him for different types of massage
Chorus ...
I would be happy to receive comments at the bottom of the page on the song
By: Liron from Herzliya.
Live in a spa - a fantasy spicy
This morning I woke up into a whipped cream bath. I do not remember sleeping there. Yesterday we even went to a party of friends. Could it be that the animal blonde who danced with me all evening took initiative, drugged me and snatched me into a pampering spa house blocked by bars and here I would have to get stuck forever?
I wanted to get up and start looking for myself, but I could not move. Suddenly there was the sound of low engines and bubbles and sharp currents began to pierce my whole body. "Hello!" "Hello!" No one answered me. That's it, now I'm sure I was kidnapped. Soon the group of US football players will come here and demand a ransom in return for my release, or I will have to be Filipina and make a free massage for all new customers here.
"Go to room 326, I'm waiting for you ..." the sex-blind voice came over the ceiling.
And then I woke up ...
What a drag? I do not know the end ...
No problem, I thought straight about my sweet girlfriend and invited both of us a place in a pampering spa, I ordered the treatment on the spa plus site that contains all the packages and possible deals, so do not dare to dream and get fed up!
I assure you that I enjoyed more than the dream, the spa was pampering and I decided at the same time to propose marriage, so everything is for the best!
I will send you another article, a proposal for marriage, and how exactly was the proposal, promising to write soon,
Yours - Liron from Herzliya.
You are invited to respond below, Liron