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Lily Spa

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Lily Spa is a very special health club type suitable for a smaller target audience. This target audience usually prefers a less routine spa experience, which also depends on the atmosphere in the spa center and not just on the various treatments offered.

Lily Spa - What

justifies his reputation. Lives Up to his name. Night spa takes place at night and sometimes even all night when the nature of the place that offers health club packages adapts itself and sometimes change its habits in order to meet the special needs of this type of health club. Mainly, this spa is suitable for couples who are interested in romantic indulgence in a darker and more intimate atmosphere.
Couples who mark important events such as birthdays and marriage proposals will find great interest in a night out at the spa. The Lily Spa can also meet the need to combine a health club with bachelor or single parties or for people who work mostly at night and not available during the day. A health club sometimes offers patients extreme privacy, while the day spa center allows the patient to close the area only at night.

Lily Spa - The uniqueness

Lily Spa is undoubtedly different from all other spa types and is distinguished from them by strengthening atmosphere and romance. Apart from the special non-standard operating hours, spa centers in Israel offer special treats and supplements that in most cases do not exist, especially in combination with a regular spa, in day-only spa centers.
Lily Spa offers a different world of spa treats. Usually this health club is provided to the patient at a slower pace and relaxation is a very important component. This spa offers pampering by candlelight and combines hot drinks and nightly meals. This spa offers couples the opportunity to go through a variety of treatments in common, and usually in a very intimate atmosphere, in private rooms.

A night spa allows for events that are not suitable for the day, such as a bachelor party. Most of the spa centers in Israel that operate at night will also adapt to these hours. Usually the patient will enjoy a spa that weakens the intensity of the lights in place, which limits the number of patients at these times and offers hot and severe drinking.

Many health clubs in Israel combine spa treatments with accommodation, a guest house or an example hotel. The uniqueness of a health club that allows accommodation is to attract people who do not live nearby or who are interested in a continuous experience and not only for a few hours.

Lily Spa - packages and price range

  • A double package of treatments from evening to night will cost an average of NIS 890, with many packages offering the possibility of receiving a private room for various treatments and rest between them.
  • Couples seeking to combine a romantic night spa with accommodation in the area will cost a package between NIS 750 to NIS 1900 on average.
  • A couple who wants to be pampered in a perfect package for three days will pay NIS 3,000.
  • Health Club packages are integrated into a central event, such as a bachelor party, which includes renting the entire place for the whole night, averaging about NIS 1,800.
  • Most of the packages include a pampering lounge, massages and oil baths and a double breakfast. Most of the packages are located in health club centers in the central region, asking them to add an average of NIS 200 for a date starting at the end of the week.

Lily Spa - Summary

Lily Spa is a perfect romantic experience for couples. This type of health club meets a number of requirements for combining a spa with special events that are not suitable for the day.
Most of the spa centers in the country offer nightly entertainment or accommodation at the site offering a variety of pampering and very seductive packages, the vast majority of which include a variety of treatments, privacy and a great enjoyment of the unique spa type. The average price for a health club package is not cheap at all, but with regard to the uniqueness of the treatment and its duration the price does not seem excessive at all.