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Sea Spa

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Sea Spa focuses as its name, at sea.
The target audience that will be particularly interested in is the lovers of the sea and its surroundings. Spa Yam offers the possibility to combine standard spa treatments with a more natural, non-structural experience. Spa centers offering various sea spa packages will usually offer them in the summer, while during the winter these spa packages will usually include treatments for a sun terrace with sea view but probably not a direct experience.

Sea Spa - Target Audience

A sea spa will be suitable for those interested in combining spa treatments with a short vacation. Spa centers located in seaside resorts and the Sea of Galilee will provide an excellent response to this demand. Eilat offers sea spa packages that combine challenging activities in the water and those looking for a comprehensive experience can go sailing and gambling in the casino of the spa.

The cruise enthusiast will find great interest in the sea spa.
Several sea spa packages combine, along with the spa treatments themselves, a yacht cruise to the sea, and some will offer accommodation. This type of spa is suitable for bachelorette parties, companies and groups interested in any event. Couples who are interested in a romantic pampering will find this option tempting, as well as the sea spa on the cruise is very suitable for marriage proposals, when the cruise becomes a long and perfect romantic indulgence.

Every year thousands of people from all over the world visit the Dead Sea, and spa packages offered in this area are special and suitable for the local visitor. Most packages are offered in hotels around the sea itself, and some are offered in the resort villages and kibbutzim around the entire area.
People with various skin diseases will find this combination ideal because the Dead Sea offers spa packages that combine treatments with natural minerals, smearing the body with mud and more. These packages are also offered in the areas of springs and hot springs in Israel. Packages of this type will usually include natural treatments in a rural environment and offer the possibility of sleeping in the area.

Sea Spa - packages and price range

A double package for a spa that combines with the various treatments offered in it. Possibility to stay in a heated pool, Jacuzzi and a private beach will cost about 500 NIS. The spa package at this type of sea will also be suitable for the winter.
A couple who wants to combine a spa with a stay at the hotel will enjoy a private room with a sea view in the spa located in a resort village with its own beach and enjoy full meals will have to pay about 1150 shekels.

The spa, which includes a romantic and pampering cruise after the treatments, will cost the couple around NIS 1250, while the duration of the activity is spread throughout the day and includes full meals.
At the Dead Sea, a sea spa package that includes accommodation and use of the center / hotel facilities will cost between NIS 520 and NIS 850 per person per night. The various holiday villages in Israel offer complete pampering packages including lodging in cabins / b & b which instead of starting at NIS 1200 per couple.

Sea Spa - Summary

Sea Spa is a successful combination of love of the sea with spa treats for a perfect relaxation day. This spa attracts a specific audience that is interested in a unique experience beyond the standard spa treatments.
Those interested can combine a spa with a cruise, a private beach or a romantic horse trip on the beach. Most of the packages offered include a higher standard of accommodation than a regular spa, combine various sea attractions and usually offer full use of all spa facilities.
Spa packages that combine cruises offer treatments during or before the cruise. The sea spa price range is higher than standard spa prices and is directed to a smaller patient analysis. Sea Spa offers unique treats only for him and guarantees a different kind of pleasure.

Sea Spa - A different experience in a warm atmosphere