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Spa Center

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The truth? There is nothing like a spa in the center. And why am I writing this down?
First of all, there is no need to travel so far for a spa.
Second, the center has everything, so let's say if I want to hang out in the city or do something before or after - no problem, I'm in the center (and in the shopping center).
And thirdly, there are so many spa centers in the center that they are good enough and worth it ... There are no spa spots in Tel Aviv or Herzliya in the beautiful promenade?

Personally, I would not really want to travel to a place that is forgotten and unfamiliar to enjoy and enjoy and enjoy (and there is a reason why I write it this way).
Maybe I'm overdoing it, because it's clear that if my friend wants to try out a spa somewhere far away from home - okay, I'll agree, but for myself. I prefer spa in the center (I'm from the center).

There is nothing more than a sea-facing spa. Two weeks ago I was in a spa suite in Tel Aviv, it was really something deluxe ... We received a very good attitude and service with a smile on the face, a crazy Thai massage that released everything and even the meals there were good.
Will be told to win the "Spa Plus" for which I found this amazing suite and just enjoyed every minute !!
Who said we had to drive up to the Dead Sea to get mud wrappers or go to the spa in the wild to get a massage and cupping .. We already have everything in the center.

* The spa suite I was in for anyone interested is called the Phuket Spa in Tel Aviv (I recommend it to anyone who wants to indulge themselves to the end, together or separately).
There is a living room with a home cinema system and a DVD, a treatment room and a bedroom, a kitchen, toilet and a Jacuzzi shower, food and what not ... was really ten.
Even the design in a cool place, ethnic-desert design with a luxury that you did not see every day ...