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Spa Pinuk

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Spa pampering is definitely not a regular spa. Beyond the standard spa treatments, Spa Pinoc offers unique additions and a different atmosphere. Spa pampering centers offer complementary therapies for the standard treatments and usually all pampering spa packages will be full and empowering.

Spa Pinuk - the target audience

Typically, pampering spa packages will be offered for the day and will be suitable for people looking for more specific treatments. You can find a variety of pampering treatments such as facial peeling, body wrap in chocolate or a dip in a milk bath for example. The various spa centers appeal to large groups such as workers' committees, for example, and offer pampering days of meals that include a meal and a variety of treatments for all members of the group, some of them in common and others in private units.
Spa pampering will be decorated in a relaxed atmosphere and usually the spa centers will be sweet and the refreshments they combine during treatments, and in some centers will even offer different special meals. Zahak Spa is especially suitable for brides before their wedding, when full days of treatment and spa are offered during the wedding day. This spa is mostly consumed by newlyweds immediately after their wedding, when various spa packages offer a pampering recreation in a special bridal suite. The various spa centers in Israel know how to meet all the needs of the patients and offer a variety of possibilities for a perfect treat.
Spa pampering can meet the need for a joint entertainment that gives both spouses great pleasure throughout the treatment.

Spa Pinuk - packages and price range

Prices for pampering spa packages vary from single to couple and usually the price depends on the seasons of the year.
Couples packages for a day of pampering in sophisticated and sophisticated spa centers will range from NIS 450 to NIS 720.
A package that includes at least two treatments for each of the couple and a sumptuous meal will cost about NIS 850.
A pampering spa package for a couple that includes sailing, lodging and meals will cost about NIS 1,350.
A pampering day for a woman with a range of special treatments and treatments suitable for women will cost an average of NIS 450.
A spa package of a specific nature, such as a spa at the Dead Sea or full country hospitality, will cost the couple about NIS 1,650.
A pampering package for the bride on her wedding day, which includes makeup and hair design, will cost NIS 1450.

For those who want to combine their spa experience far from their place of residence and those who do not make do with one day, the various spa centers in Israel offer accommodation options. The hotels offering spa services offer the option of renting a room at a discount and many holiday villages offer accommodation in the village's guest rooms.

Spa Pinoc - Summary

Spa Pinuk offers the possibility of upgrading the standard spa experience based on the treatments themselves. This spa is conducted in a more relaxed atmosphere and allows the majority of the various spa facilities between treatment and treatment and usually spa pampering packages will be defined for longer periods than a regular spa.

Spa Pamukk turns to the audience that wants to bring emotion combined with the physical treatment itself, who wants to experience spa treatments in a calm and peaceful atmosphere and feel that there is strict adherence to the smallest things. Spa treats are suitable for women who are interested in single treatment, for a whole day, mainly, brides before their wedding and newly wed couples. This type of spa can incorporate accommodation in the spa center itself and can specialize in a specific type of indulgence, such as cruises or natural spa, for example. The prices of these spa packages are more expensive than the standard spa packages, but they offer special supplements and a completely different feeling. All types of spa in Israel Spa pampering is the most ideal option as a gift, especially for couples who mark a wedding anniversary or as a wedding present. The spa experience remains even when the magic has expired and an unforgettable gift is a perfect gift.