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Spa & Leisure Double

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A double spa can enhance your relationship experience in every possible way. Many times the daily routine and endless tasks related to children, duties and other people do not leave us the time to experience each other. This is felt and creates endless tensions which often lead to quarrels and feelings of distance from one another. A couple vacation is a experience intended only for both of you, without the children, work, parents and other debts.

Spa double - the target audience

The spa's target audience is couples of all ages who want to enjoy a pampering and a shared experience. Many times, couples who experience spa treatments together are also able to untie the distant connection and tensions that have been built between them. Many couples therapists recommend that couples go out for an enjoyable experience together. A double vacation is one of the most recommended activities.

Double Spa - Spa Packages

Today, packages for a double spa can be booked in advance. Pre-booking packages will assure you that on the designated date you will have a place in the spa and most prices will be cheaper and the benefits will be more. A couple of vacation packages include: a pampering breakfast, a body massage for both partners, facial treatments to refresh the skin and a fresh and smooth look, manicure, pedicure and of course the icing on the cake, a refreshing dip in the Jacuzzi.

A double spa - the wedding day

Many times a partner wants to surprise the other on their wedding day. For the most part, he stands helpless as to the gift he must bring to his wife on this anniversary. Necklace, earrings, flowers, chocolate and books are gifts that have been given in the past and now he wants to surprise his wife as a special gift. He is aware that the wedding day is important for both partners and therefore is interested in a gift that will emphasize and let them experience their intimate time together. A double spa package is the perfect gift for anniversaries and even for birthdays. On this day the couple will be able to experience a pampering oil bath, Jacuzzi, double massage and even a romantic couple meal which will leave a magical flavor for many days after the pampering couple therapy.

Spa double - options

Today you can choose the nature of the spa you are interested in, since the possibilities are many and varied:

  • Urban - Today you have the option to decide that you want a day of fun for a double spa from day to day and next to the house. You have the option of choosing a double vacation treatment in a luxurious suite next to the Tel Aviv Promenade, in the enchanting Chanti Spa in Herzliya, and you have many other luxurious spa options in the city.
    Because today there is no need to start gulping distances when you are interested in a day of fun at the spa, today there are a variety of beautiful places that give you spa treatments at the highest level in the city as well.
  • Countryside - If you want to combine the spa treatment in a romantic vacation with a spectacular view, you have the option to choose a country-style spa treatment.
    A double nature spa combines the exterior with the inner and brings you to balance. You can experience a pampering massage at the spa center and then head out to the outdoor jacuzzi surrounded by trees, flowers and fresh, refreshing air.
  • Different Styles - If you are interested in a different ambience, you are invited to book a place in the spa designed in the style of a Turkish bath, a spa designed as a tropical paradise, a spa at night and other special styles of a couple vacation.

Double Spa - Summary

A double spa is a romantic treatment experience for every couple, whether it is a couple on their honeymoon or a couple who has been married for forty years and wants to restore the experiential charm to the marriage.
You can order a couple vacation in a luxurious suite, with romantic music, a bottle of wine, a meal for two and a professional staff that will give you the most pampering spa treatments.