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Spa at the hotel

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- "There is nowhere to go, we have plowed the entire city."
"But you're in a hotel! What do you have that you want to go out all the time?"
"What am I going to do? I'm like that - hyperactive, unable to rest."
"I have an idea, a drug I'm sure will help you, just relax a bit ..."
"Okay, let's say I calmed down, and what now?"
"Now prepare yourself, because you go down to the spa."

When we entered the spa, she understood what she was dealing with; with such a pleasant and inviting place that would surely quiet her energies and her movements a bit.
I think spa in the hotel is a perfect solution for those who want to get all the luxuries together ... What's wrong to get out of an air conditioned room and go to an equally pleasant place, which is only a few floors (or floor) below? You do not even have to go somewhere else.
To my good friend Rinat this is the first time she's been to the spa. She is crazy about entertainment, outings, treats and what not. But she was never in the spa.
Today she is in the hotel spa (thanks to me ...).
The way I saw her get out of there, I realized how pleased she was !!

- "Wai ..."
- "There are no such things, just amazing ... you've noticed that I almost laughed at the massage they did to us ... such an Indian massage ... what do you call it?"
- "Ivoroda".
"Yes, this spa really did me good, and it also brought back all the vitality and energies ... So where do we go?"

(And my answer: only to the spa.