Spa Days - Our spousal pastime to make our own spa days
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Days Spa

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We'll take a few days of total rest. A rest that we shall devote only to us. .. She does not know I mean it, and maybe I do not know if she means it either.
When I filled the bathroom with water, after 10 minutes it was cold.
When I tried to give her an aromatherapy massage, at first she enjoyed it, but in the end I left her marks on her neck.
The incense I chose to smell in the room, in its packaging - smelled good, and in the air of the room - made me almost choke. But I suffered for her.
That's it, I give up. I take her to the spa.
I thought about a day of fun at the spa, but when I thought more deeply, I said to myself: Why not really spa days? ..
Days Spa: If in those days it will be rainy, it can be romantic.
If in those days it was sunny, it would give cheerfulness and mood. But it does not really matter, because we're like that in most of the day in a closed place. Enjoy yourself.
Chakras, fleet energy - I have no idea what it means, the main thing is that she will enjoy a package of spa.
After such days, who would want to go home?
Each. These days give the power to return ...
I'll lie to you if I say she does not enjoy it. Right in the sky.
As the bubbles cover her mouth in the Jacuzzi, I ask her, "Well, what do you think?"
She answers: "The truth is, I loved the spa you did for me at home."
? ... She's not serious!
Then she says: "But this time ... you really played it ..."
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