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Spa in Zippori

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Anyone who is looking for a delightful rural experience that includes everything, a spa at Zippori is the place for him.
The Zippori estate is located in the Upper Galilee, a beautiful estate surrounded by rich vegetation, wooden swings, pergolas for sitting and even lovely horses in the area. But the highlight is, of course, the equivalent spa, which offers a host of treats and treatments for everyone.
In the spa you will receive refreshments from the season's season, coffee, tea from the local plants, house cake and wine. For relaxation and relaxation you should enjoy the guest room at Birdy.
In addition to a sauna, three jacuzzis (2 indoor and one outdoor), the spa treatments are: Hot stones, medical massage, head-neck massage, peeling, deep tissue,
Treatments such as paraffin bath, cosmetics with aromatic oils and touch therapy will smile on your face.
After the various treatments, why not take advantage of the relaxed location of the spa and go for a walk in the area? There is an option to tour the area and be impressed, and of course you can also ride horses (in a package that includes horse riding called "horse package and I" and also offers a fitness trainer and Pilates).
At Tzipori Spa there are separate packages for men and women, parcels for two, a home package and a pleasure package.
Address: Upper Galilee, towards Tiberias near a leading junction.
Phone: 04-6464575 04-6468317
Fax: 04-6562906