Team building days
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Team building days

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(Comes as a cover version of the "apartment for rent")
In a prestigious building between five floors
People are busy with the various jobs.
On the first floor is a wide canyon
Where she would happily buy food, clothes and shoes.
On the second floor are the doctors
Are busy healing and treating patients.
On the third floor, a beautiful and modern floor
High-tech people are changing the world of technology.
On the fourth floor lawyers and businessmen
Busy with real estate, contracts and telephone talking.
And on the fifth floor, the prestigious floor
The highest floor, the most important floor
Find an office for best days of consolidation in the world
The magnificent office, which everyone knows.
Because after a busy day of work, between fatigue and despair,
You think the sellers, the doctors, the high-tech people and the lawyers
Do not you close on consolidation days?
Because the days of consolidation give an atmosphere and breaks routine
Contribute to getting to know people and even making friends
Whether it's a fun day at the Dead Sea or a desert trip
Whether it's riding in the park or indulging in a luxurious spa
Formation days are basically everything
Because of them there is a desire to count the sand days
So if you've been reading this and feel the need for novelty
Why do not you go up to the fifth floor and close a day of consolidation?