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Women's Day

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"Where are you?"
-"in the living room".
"Come on, baby, I have something for you."

Yes, this is my friend Roy. I always like to surprise, to be funny, to feel - although lately, what can I tell you, he decided to take time off with his thrills.
As he hugs me from behind, he asks me a question that makes me confused: "You're a woman, are not you?" - "I probably did not think otherwise"
I look at him with a blank expression. "So you know that today's woman's day is right?"
Is it really Woman's Day? nice to know.
"Today is Woman's Day ?" I play her interested.
-"Yes Dear".
"And what did you bring me?" At the height of the insolence and cunning I ask him and he lets me guess.
- Chocolate? (Just Max Brenner!)
- Not sweet ... A set of bricks? - Not yet - a trip to Beit-Guvrin?
"I do not give him up." Come on, say it! I plead with him. Stubborn like me.
- What can it be? It 's a fun day at the spa.
- Then he smiles. How I love that smile!
"Yes, how did you know?"
Bingo! Again I pressed the right button. What to do, stubborn.

Fireplace, Spa ...
The smells, the atmosphere, the calm. Why not every day there is a woman's day .
Roy I love you! I wanted to shout, but quiet is a spa place.
Have fun, have fun. It is not yet every day that you get a massage from such a muscular man (my shepherd is a little thin, what to do).
As the hands of the masseuse grip my shoulders, I feel my whole being filling with calmness and my eyes closing.
Then I smile. And I know why. Because of Roy's smile.