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Massage for women

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Some women like massage .. (Everyone knows). So ... why massage? And why women?
Masj-what is it?
Massage is a massage in a massage. The massage is a technique for releasing stress and tension by touching a person or device, and there are many types of massages for each person, since there are those who relax and others that are arousing.
Massage for women
It is known that a woman has all sorts of effects in the body and different hormonal changes from the man.
Moreover, the massage methods will be in accordance with the body of the woman (stretching back to lifting the breast, massage the feet for pampering, etc.). There are all kinds of massage methods specially adapted for women, even for pregnancy and childbirth ...
Massage for pregnant women
Massage for pregnant women - massage given during pregnancy and even as a birth boost. The massage helps to relieve the tension and pain of the muscles stretched during pregnancy, improves analgesic pain and of course gives a better feeling to both the mother and the fetus.
A massage for pregnant women can be done with a special pill, oils, deep breathing - which actually allows for large air intake and then - for a better feeling!
If you have a close relative and want to surprise her, or
That you - yes, the pregnant woman - are invited to come and pamper yourself with the fetus in one of the spas plus branches throughout the country in a massage for pregnant women!
Prices of massage for women and pregnancy:
Massage for 45 minutes in one of the 30 Plus Spa branches is only 180 NIS
Massage for 60 minutes in one of the 30 Plus Spa branches is only 220 NIS
Massage for 75 minutes in one of the 30 Plus Spa branches is only NIS 260
A 90-minute massage in one of the 30 Plus Spa branches is only 290 NIS
* There is no medical solution or advice from an expert. Pregnant women should contact their doctor for confirmation and explanation of the massage during pregnancy
Wishing you a pampering women's massage and a light hand!