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Lots of ways to write down the word that gives you the fun and release you need!
alloy'. Massage, massage
Massage is a word in foreign language: Massage, you can also register massage and in Hebrew it is called massage.
Massage is a practice based on friction, rubbing and pressing at various points in the body
Carried out by a person or by mechanical equipment.
For a person who performs massages, professional training is required with a certificate that prepares him to be a professional massage therapist.
There are many types of massages to choose from, which can be customized according to your consumption, you will find out
With your massage therapist what massage is recommended for you.
It is very advisable to consult with your massage therapist before beginning massage.
Today there are also massagers with water.
It is also recommended to soften the skin before starting treatment with an oil bath or body peeling
For pregnant women up to 4 months, massage is forbidden. After 4 months, a special massage is given to pregnant women
To order treatment go to the spa site