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bathtub, hot tub

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Since ancient times Bath bathtub has been important for washing and relaxation. There is a wealth of designs and shapes, whether it's a round, rectangular bath, etc.
The spa also has a place of honor, so you can enjoy the spa facilities in the hot tub. And shower-currents-pressure.
Bathtub - also used as a treat, and as a complement to the care and relaxation you want to get, you usually add oils, salts, bath milk etc. Candles and quiet music complement the relaxing atmosphere at the spa.
Another type of bath is the massage tub, known as a Jacuzzi. This type of bath is also of course used in spa centers.

Hot Tub

Hot tub, or in Hebrew - a hot bath, contains many health benefits: beneficial for blood circulation and blood pressure, beneficial for arthritis and muscles and various diseases and even mental calmness and helps insomnia, anesthesia.
Apart from having a hot bath at home, you can also get a spa bath with hot water, plus oils or salts to soothe the skin, for relaxation and pleasant aroma.
The Spa Facility The Jacuzzi is also a hot tub that incorporates various levels of massage in accordance with control or buttons.
The natural and mineral spa baths at Hamat Gader and the Dead Sea are also considered hot baths, since they are warm at different temperatures and regular, and of course have many health benefits.

Hot tub caontains some health benefits: helps for arthritis, gives relaxation and even helps for sleep disruptions.
Most of spa centers including hot tubs with bath salt, aromatic oil and bath milk.
Even jacuzzy consider as hot tub.