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medical massage

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Massage - What Does It Mean?
Massage This is a technique for relieving stress and relieving pressure from a person or device.
The massage itself is soothing, or arousing - depending on the type of massage, because there are plenty of massages corresponding to each.
medical massage.
His name is - a massage of a medical nature that comes to treat some problem of existing muscles or joints (which of course does not come to replace a doctor!). Medical massage is supposed to improve muscle aches, tiredness, and fatigue of the human body, cause general relaxation and, in particular, contribute to a better health feeling. The medical massage will be performed by a professional only, by a senior medical masseuse, in order not to cause harm (since this is a health problem and not a massage for the purpose of pampering).
Medical massage can also be given before exercise, warm the muscles and relax the body.
Feel heavy and tired? Muscles are occupied and do not give rest? Feel that you are going to "degenerate" physically or mentally? Or is it a medical problem?
Now at "Spa Plus" - the place where you will find your spa plus everything you would like - medical massage at attractive prices and healers:
Medical massage for 45 minutes - 180 NIS only
Medical massage for 60 minutes - only 220 NIS only at Spa Plus!
Medical massage for 75 minutes - only NIS 260
Medical massage for 90 minutes - only 290 NIS
The prices listed above are valid only in the 30 "SPA Plus" branches throughout the country.
So if someone wants to take care of himself, and especially - to be treated as best as possible,
Welcome to the "Spa Plus" site and get an impression, or call the phone
03-6338080 and order instead - and already see how he feels better ...
Have an enjoyable healing and massage experience!