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wedding anniversary

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All through the night she turned over in her sleep and felt strange. She felt something disturb her head. As if they had put some stone on her pillow.
In her dream, Mann was a strange and unfamiliar place. A place for him, quiet, and interesting ... everything was made of stone, soaked with foam and water.
As in antiquity. She began to hear people whispering an unfamiliar language, and then she saw strange people before her. Everything seemed too old, even the people.
She watched the men and saw that they were pouring water and foam over each other. The place gave her the feeling that she was in a historic hamam ...
The people wore long robes with white chiffon that was a little transparent.
"Who are you, and where did I get to?" She wanted to ask them, but she had no sound.
Suddenly they realized she was there and they looked at her. 'What is? Greek gods, !' she thought.
She wanted to get up, but she felt as if she had been nailed to a place, she could not move at all ... like a paralyzed woman.
'Oh, why did they tie me up at least to let me enjoy and participate!' She thought and wanted to cry.
It took her half a minute to get out of her sleep and realize that it was just a dream.
But she still felt something in her head. Her head hurt as if hammered with hammers.
She got up and saw her 17-year-old daughter by the side of the bed.
"Mom, good morning, you've finally got up, I've been looking at you for an hour ..." The girl giggled.
"What am I going to do sweetie, what a strange sleep, as if someone had put a stone under my pillow."
Suddenly, instinctively, she picked up the pillow and saw a thick envelope. Which actually disturbed her sleep.
The envelope read: 'Mother and Father with Love, Happy Anniversary.'
And inside - a 5-year-old building painting package and a double invitation with a pampering spa .
"My sweetness, thank you!" The mother hugged her daughter lovingly.
"What a scene, I just dreamed that I was in such a hamam and there were such gods and water and foam and I was tied and they would not let me participate and there was a ceremony ... and now I see from you an invitation to a spa in a pampering hammam!"
"Really, Mom, and say, there were children here too?"