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Couples Spa

Looking for a couples spa in Israel? Want to order a pampering spa package at an affordable price? A variety of couples spa packages, pampering couples the best of the Israeli spa centers, go to each package and see all the details, including pictures, the price of the package, the recommendations of the surfers who were in the spa and thus choose the package you prefer, you can also make an online order for each package , Good time!
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User recommendations

Clean and luxurious

Spa at the boutique hotel A23
Tel Aviv - Tel Aviv and Gush Dan
from55 Reviews

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Palm Trees Spa
Ramat Gan - Tel Aviv and Gush Dan
from8 Reviews

We really enjoyed couple treatment

Oxytan Spa at Marina Herzliya
Herzliya - Sharon
from22 Reviews

Cozy intimate place with sun beds on the roof of an amazing team

Spa at Sam and Blondie Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv - Tel Aviv and Gush Dan
from30 Reviews

Spa at another level !!! Aside from the professionalism of the masseurs, think...

The Dan Caesarea Spa
Caesarea - Sharon
from115 Reviews

It was amazing!!!! Stunning service..Everyone smiles and the place is clean and...

Spa hotel at the Lear Hotel
Gedera - Jerusalem and the Judean Lowland
from24 Reviews

Lovely Anna and all the amazing staff, thanks for a perfect pastime! Stunning...

from6 Reviews

Hi, we were on Friday we ordered a massage for 2 and yet we only got one act,...

Spa at Comfort Eilat Hotel
Eilat - Eilat and Arava
from7 Reviews

Hi. Today my wife and I were in a couples massage for her birthday and on the...

Tel Aviv - Tel Aviv and Gush Dan
from17 Reviews

One can say this experience in one word and oooh hotel, spa, service all on a...

Spa Hotel Yehuda
Jerusalem - Jerusalem and the Judean Lowland
from105 Reviews

A couples spa day with all the luxuries

How many times did you feel like breaking your routine a little, but there was always something stopping you? If this is the work, the children, and especially the pressures and tight schedule that most of us have in our daily life, there is always something that interferes with us and stops us from making the invitation a bit of peace and quiet. So now stop thinking too much and just do. Order a day spa with all the luxuries and enjoy the giant!

So what is actually a double spa day?

A double spa day is a break of several hours from the pressing routine. In fact, the couple arrive at the spa they selected after they booked a double spa day package and enjoy a pampering massage, free use of the spa facilities, which can vary from one place to another: pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, gym and more. In addition, some double-day spa packages also offer the option of a luxurious double meal in the restaurant.
Spa Plus offers a wide range of spa packages, including daily spa packages throughout the country. So choose your favorite spa and make a direct invitation to your indulgence!

Double spa with accommodation

Among the range of spa packages you can find on the site, you will also find a double spa package with accommodation, meaning to enjoy a full night or several nights in a luxury complex where you will receive all the luxuries to you, from pampering massages or private rooms, .
A double bed spa with accommodation is very suitable for all couples who want to get out of the pressing routine and get a real pampering, which will return the energies to the body and soul, and there is no doubt that romance in such hospitality exceeds all imaginations.

Double Spa - Small surprises in life

You do not always have to pack a suitcase and think and plan too much, sometimes it is worthwhile and even desirable to simply be spontaneous and flow with life and what good in life offers us. Just like many spas in the country that are launching various deals and are definitely worth a couple of spa packages, even at the prices of the minute 90s. If you want to indulge your partner in a romantic and unforgettable gesture, it's time to get to know the double spa packages on the site and enjoy the perfect romantic treat.

Spa for couples - for restoring romance

In the days when we do everything with the phone in our hands, we sometimes forget to spend some time on relationships and romance that is slowly fading away. So what do you do if you want to bring back the fun in your relationship a little? One of the best solutions in Buret is a package of massages and fun at some of the finest spa resorts in Israel. In fact, a double spa This is a package that contains a romantic massage for each partner, free use of the spa facilities, which vary from place to place and can be: Jacuzzi, sauna, pool and more. In addition, there are various double spa resorts in the country also the possibility of additions such as accommodation in place or double meals and more. So if you want to enjoy the lost romanticism, it's time to meet double spa packages at very attractive prices here at the spa plus

Here on the page you will find a wide variety of luxury spa packages, from various spa resorts carefully chosen for the site especially for you. Prices vary according to the characteristics of the package and start in the area of 350 NIS per couple and above, so what are you waiting for?