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Spa with a meal

You spend, enjoy, pamper yourself in the spa and then get hungry ... and you do not want to pay extra for a meal .. and do not want to go to a nearby restaurant .. So especially on the spa site plus spa packages only with a meal
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User recommendations

It was a delightful and professional massage. The place is luxurious and on a...

THE SPA - The David Intercontinental Hotel
Tel Aviv - Tel Aviv and Gush Dan
from428 Reviews

We really enjoyed the spa, the service at the restaurant and the meal was...

West End Spa Netanya
Location - Sharon
from111 Reviews

Highly recommend the place I and my wife enjoyed very much

Beautiful spa view at Crowne Plaza Haifa
Haifa - Haifa and the surrounding area
from18 Reviews

The spa in the Tel Aviv indulgence was really excellent. The therapists are...

The Tel Aviv spa
Tel Aviv - Tel Aviv and Gush Dan
from12 Reviews

Cozy intimate place with sun beds on the roof of an amazing team

Spa at Sam and Blondie Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv - Tel Aviv and Gush Dan
from30 Reviews

Was really nice and romantic Highly recommend thanks to the caretakers

Spa at Leonardo Plaza Hotel Tiberias
Tiberias - Kinneret and Tiberias
from17 Reviews

Everything was amazing

Carmel Forest Spa Haifa
Haifa - Haifa and the surrounding area
from32 Reviews

I celebrated my engagement day with my future husband on Sunday. My therapists...

Spa at Hotel Island Netanya
Location - Sharon
from75 Reviews

Was great!

Fiorina Spa - The Bridges Hotel in Nature
Kibbutz HaGoshrim - Upper Galilee
from103 Reviews

Thank you for hosting King's Day ... A plentiful breakfast served to the...

Hotel Rishon Le Zion
Rishon Lezion - Tel Aviv and Gush Dan
from79 Reviews
The Herzliya Spa
A double package in a luxurious spa in Herzliya
A double package including a meal, massage, heated pool, private wardrobes and light refreshments
Dan Acadia Spa, Herzliya Pituach
Spa at the Dan Acadia Hotel in Herzliya, with a dry and wet sauna, massage and a double meal.

Spa Titanic
A pampering spa located in the new industrial zone in Rishon Letzion, a luxurious spa with beautifully designed guest suites!

Spa Haifa
In the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Haifa, there is a stunning spa with its beauty, where you will enjoy the spa facilities, a double and complementary massage, soft and warm drinks and a double meal.

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