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Spa with jacuzzi

We all know that a spa without a Jacuzzi is not a spa. So especially for that, you will be given a spa pool only with a Jacuzzi. There are lots of places in the above supply, but at "Spa Plus" you will get beyond the Jacuzzi ...
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User recommendations

It was really fun we enjoyed the quality and the place was really intimate and...

Spa in Beer Sheva - VARGA SPA
Beer Sheva - South and the Negev
from27 Reviews

Strongly recommends!! Worth every shekel !! I'm sure my partner and I will...

Flamingo Spa - FlamingoSpa
Haifa - Haifa and the surrounding area
from23 Reviews

There was a really excellent service if a kind attitude and a wonderful...

In the shadow of the Gilboa
- Jezreel Valley
from39 Reviews

The massage was very good. The main reason my daughter sent me is to swim in...

from1 Reviews

Everything was amazing

Carmel Forest Spa Haifa
Haifa - Haifa and the surrounding area
from32 Reviews

Cozy intimate place with sun beds on the roof of an amazing team

Spa at Sam and Blondie Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv - Tel Aviv and Gush Dan
from30 Reviews

Hi, we were on Friday we ordered a massage for 2 and yet we only got one act,...

Spa at Comfort Eilat Hotel
Eilat - Eilat and Arava
from7 Reviews

Lovely Massage treatment Great meal and great place and very fun.

Pastoral Spa
Bloom village - Upper Galilee
from42 Reviews

Highly recommend the place I and my wife enjoyed very much

Beautiful spa view at Crowne Plaza Haifa
Haifa - Haifa and the surrounding area
from18 Reviews

Very high level massage, what was missing would be a table with things after...

Time Out Spa - Spa at Kfar Maccabiah Hotel
Ramat Gan - Tel Aviv and Gush Dan
from38 Reviews
Spa Baths Gaash
If you are already in Herzliya, you may be happy to hear that 5 minutes from Herzliya is located in the Gaash Spa, including heated pools, Jacuzzi and saunas, a semi-Olympic pool, a seating area and a paid coffee shop.
Herzliya Spa Villa
A double suite in a deluxe suite in Herzliya Pituach will guarantee you a perfect and luxurious pleasure!
This pleasure includes massages and various treatments, breakfast and more ...

Spa Titanic
In Rishon LeZion there is a pampering spa center where you can enjoy your stay in a private double suite with a huge plasma TV, Jacuzzi including oils and salts, spa treatments, dairy meals and hot and cold drinks.

Spa Rehovot
Next to Science Park in Rehovot, will give you the perfect pampering in a luxurious spa including massage, Jacuzzi, Turkish bath, sauna and double meal.

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