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Massage to the house

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What does she have that she keeps smiling?
I had to sit her down and find out what secret kept her smiling.
So that's her story:
"Last week, I discovered that I had failed the test in the economy, it really made me sick, I was kind of like Brown, because what, now sit down and study again?
So when I got home it was not enough that I saw that there was no one and no one to unload my pain as it were and to get angry, but also that the house was completely reversed. Really upside down! I had to fix it. I thought that at least for the furniture I would tell my bazaa, maybe they would listen to me ... but no furniture responded.
Wait a minute. Did the door respond? I heard the door of the entrance say something .. I heard someone knock at the door .. Who is it?
When I opened the door, I saw a very elderly and very practical woman with "reinforcements" next to her: a treatment bed, a radio-tape for playing, and a travel bag that included oils and incense ...
I was completely confused. masseur? I got a massage home? What a surprise...
Suddenly I get this message on my cell phone from my sister: 'I know you failed the test, but at least let's look at the masseuse I ordered you and see how it is.'
I told the masseuse that she came at an excellent time, because I had just finished the entire house and was completely exhausted - physically and emotionally ...
The massage therapist, who gave me a massage to the house , gave me a perfect massage, including meditation at the end, so that the tension that existed in me could be calmed down. "
So that's her story.
And why now she keeps smiling?
"Because another hour I have another massage to the house - the masseuse comes again."
What a treat!
We also want a massage to the house ...
You can order massage home by phone: 03-9638508
Ideas and packages of massage to the home can be seen on the spa plus site.