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Spa - What is it?

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The word spa comes from the Latin expression "sanus per aquam," which means health through the water.
The roots of the modern spa houses are rooted in ancient cities known for the healing powers of their mineral waters and hot baths.
Today the spa houses range from a wide range of types, such as a day spa where people go into massage therapy or body treatments on the basis of a few hours spa for a few days where patients experience the spa experience for several days.

What do you need to know about spa houses?

  • The minimum spa house should offer a relaxing environment, comfortable slippers and a bathrobe, relaxing music and high quality treatments.
  • Location itself may be located in a spacious private house up to the roof of a luxurious hotel.
  • There are many kinds of treats and treatments in this area, do research before deciding to experience the experience you want.

In modern times spa visits are very common.
In North America and Europe, a coupon for a visit to the spa is given as a very common gift in the workplace, as a gift for the wedding celebration
And so forth.
The spa industry in Israel is quite wide and is expected to grow with the opening of additional spa sites, which will increase the selection and competition.