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Spa and love - the connection between love and spa

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Spa and love can be a wonderful connection! A relaxing world without pressure, without enemies, forgetting the minus in the bank, the problems of life, forgetting the place of work, so there must be a connection between a spa for love!

I really wanted to know if there was any connection to love, I can tell you that our smile at the entrance to the spa was worth it all, after we got us so well, we changed our clothes into pebbles and spa shoes and the feeling was really good , We even talked so quietly that he is not used to us, we are loud people ... so they made us tea and on the side of course cookies and how not? The best cookies are not in the bakery but in the spa, as if the cookies were also given a massage ... So where is the love?

Now, I know what a feeling of hovering is ... You will not understand, I also do massages for my wife and she is me, but for the most part 10 minutes after that I get tired, and I invested an entire hour, really fun I got addicted to the massage! But this is not the point I came to understand is there a connection between spa and love?

Well, I got a massage and we talk quietly and there is romantic and relaxing music and the smell of candles, so? So they brought us 2 glasses of wine, what would we say? We also drank another glass of wine and went into a private room ... not what you think ... a room full of candles, dried flowers scattered and a huge Jacuzzi bath with hot water with oils and salts, we entered the Jacuzzi and here is your imagination ...

Well? How would you ask? Wait is not over ... In the end, we were prepared for a tasty meal, which is again only in the spa. And of course, more wine and pies that flow in my mouth, even though I am writing the article now, what a feeling ...

I'm in love...