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Spa and sauna

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Sauna This is a heated room and a type of steam bath, which has control over the temperature and humidity of the room.
There is a steam sauna (steam sauna) and dry sauna (Finnish).
The principle of sitting in the sauna is considered an ancient custom originating from Finland, hence the name Finnish sauna = dry sauna.
In the past in the dry sauna, wooded logs were used to heat the room.
Today there are ovens that heat stones, and the heat of the stones dissipates and raises the temperature to very high.
The steamed sauna, steam sauna, is a room filled with hot steam - which creates increased perspiration, but with moisture. Temperatures in this sauna are generally lower than in the dry sauna, although staying in a steam sauna is more difficult (due to the heat load resulting from a combination of high humidity and heat).
The humidity level of the wet sauna is much higher than the dry sauna because of the steam inside it.
It is important to choose a spa good quality combines wet sauna or steam saunas all fans,
Staying in the sauna has health benefits such as: accelerating blood flow, opening the pores, and the toxins in our bodies are cleansed by the increased sweat.
Sitting in a sauna is also recommended for those who have high blood pressure, since the heat inside and the expansion of the blood vessels lead to a decrease in blood pressure. In addition to the sauna there is a healing capacity for joints and muscles, and therefore you can find the sauna rooms adjacent to the gym - athletes. This is helpful after physical exertion.
The sauna also gives you a feeling of peace and relaxation, a familiar "morphine" feeling, because of the body's physiological responses - an acceleration in breathing and pulse rate.
Although the sauna has many health benefits, however it must be remembered that your stay
The sauna is not recommended for heart patients (due to pulse acceleration), asthma and lung patients, and pregnant women.
The sauna also causes loss of fluids, because of increased sweat - so drink plenty of water after staying in it.