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Bachelor Party

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We kidnap him. The man seemed frightened. With the film on his eyes he looks just like some mummy. Let him not fall asleep.
Oh, here, starts to make noises. "Lior, make a sound," we yell at him in the ear and tear with laughter. He can get into the movies for us.
- "Where are you taking me? Well, take me off the film"
"Shut up, brother.
Silence. Silence. Death. Lior this time is really scared. The receptionist smiles at us with understanding. That sweetheart.
I would have started with her, but I have the impression that she's already dying to finish the job and run home to her boyfriend.
"What's going on here, people?" He shouts.
"Shhh ... wait, quiet ..." We look at each other and die to burst out laughing. "Come here, what a good smell," Lior says.
"Come here, how much are you talking?" I reply.
Then we finally get the film off his eyes and he sees in front of him the Jacuzzi of his life.
He starts to laugh and gives me a slap. "Come on, who's coming to the Jacuzzi with me?"

As much as the person is happy with the treatment and the massage he is being given. I glanced at him out of the corner of my eye.
Hello, in a minute you're getting married, no fuss!
I wink at him. He fell asleep for another second. What a smile ... and what a man it is ...

-"How was it?"
- "Come here brother, like new!"
Seen by his face. Radiant, healthy, happy and his fun just started ... He does not know that either.

"I've become hungry"

And what he does not know is that in the next room three bunnies organize "an angel's meal" ...
But, a great spa in the world we are also getting married!