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Spa Experience

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Welcome to a few minutes of peace and tranquility ...

My name is Amir, and I want to drag you to a few moments of calm and tranquility, momentary pleasures of life ..
I want to take a few minutes of your precious time ... and believe me that you will experience something very magical ..
We'll do an exercise together:

The atmosphere of a spa , close your eyes and imagine you have a bed in the middle of an exotic island, a bed that you lie on it, and your side are the most important to you, your favorite, and you can already hear the sounds of The Magic Flute magical, water clarity clear blue spilling directly from the waterfall, singing of the birds .. and The rare voice of the cool wind blowing on our bodies on a sunny sunny day.
Let's hear the waves of the sea that break on the rocks ...

I want you to open your sense of smell and take a deep breath and smell with me ..
You can smell all the possible pleasant smells, the magical smell of nature,
The smell of the sea, the exotic flowers at the height of the flowering season ...
And most importantly you can smell the smell of love that prevails between you.

At the same time, the entire situation will be concentrated a little more. Now we are ready for treatment in which our precious body will absorb healthy and vital vitamins ...
Imagine two pleasant massages and relaxation.
Which gently massage your body with aromatic oils with vanilla and vanilla scent.
Or even hot sesame oil and almonds ..
For 60 minutes .. and even more.
Imagine a touch of magic, from head to toe.
Face, scalp, and even feet.
A delight that never stopped ..
As soon as you take another breath, turn around in your imagination, to lie on your back and prepare for the experience of your life !!
Imagine hot oil spilling slowly on your forehead ...
Which attracts all the negative energies and terrible pain that accumulates in everyday life ..
And radiates positive energies to our bodies ...

Now you will get another treat, full body peeling that will give you a whole layer of your skin ..
And sucked us from head to toe, pure salt grains, straight from the Dead Sea, accompanied by coconut-flavored cream or vanilla lavender for your taste.

After that we will be immersed in a bath of aromatic oils and foam to soothe our skin, which has undergone such intense treatment. We are in the bath, with excellent red / white wine, various cookies and seasonal fruits.

Now you can open your eyes, in a spa and an amazing atmosphere you can feel the amazing feeling you just experienced.
You can experience this amazing experience with us, in reality!
With full promise!
Because there are such things, we will get all the luxuries possible.
What is left is to attach a person dear to your heart, or even if you want to pamper yourself!