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Massage - I'm addicted, I need a massage

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Massage - How many times a week do you hear the word massage?
Well, I can testify that I hear that word at least every day
My husband - "From whom did I get your back? Come to make me a massage ..."
A friend from work - "Yoo yesterday I was at the spa I got such a massage that is a waste of time ..."
My sister - "When in the morning with back pain I need a massage ..."
And I'm in my heart - this cleanliness killed me and my back Wai I have to ... Massage!

Gentlemen, there is no doubt that this word - massage and its meaning is an inseparable part of our lives
And if there are some who have not actually experienced a massage then sorry something is wrong with them
You know what irritates me are these - "I do not like being touched!
Hello! How come you like sex? What is not contact?
Not that I judge. I just do not understand. Massage is the most intimate thing, the most pampering and the most relaxing
And the freest thing I know! For example, I am anxious, nervous or just bored,
I go to the spa center next to my house.

I have a regular essayist who is a waste of time - Alex, and I get 60 minutes of massage from the movies,
Here I forgot the troubles, the anxieties and left it that releases an incredibly busy back, it's just an experience,
60 minutes of ecstasy! Who can deal with me later? My apathy of after a massage,
It is impossible to describe, as if nothing interests me!

For example, after a massage, I am calm and relaxed
And if you have anything to wake me up to disagree with or just annoy me, great Samso Lee ....