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Hello and welcome to the details of the Spa Plus massage deals
Swedish massage .
Relaxing body massage and pampering with various oils. The massage method helps to relieve tension and relax muscles, blood flow, beneficial in improving body metabolism and releasing stress.
Shiatsu - in Japanese - click a finger
An ancient treatment method performed by gentle pressure and manipulations along the body with the help of the hands. The pressure is exerted on meridians (energy channels in the body), which causes muscle manipulation and blood flow to release obstructions in the body. Shiatsu strengthens the body's immune system, aids in hormonal balance, relaxes muscle tension. The massage is done on comfortable clothes.
Reflexology .
Massage and pressing the feet with oils or cream to relieve pain and heavy feet. Helps in the flow of blood and release tension that accumulates on the soles of the feet and release muscle muscles.
Thai .
A method of treatment from the East performed by manipulations of stretching and pressing the musculoskeletal system. The treatment is dynamic and done on comfortable clothes.
Massage athletes .
Massage oils designed to address the pain in the musculoskeletal system and various functional disorders. The massage is deeper into the deeper muscle layer and combines joint mobility and muscle flexibility.
Deep tissue massage.
( DEEP TISH ) - Massage oils in the deep muscle layer of the body and exert pressure on the skeletal system and muscles. The massage is performed in a slow and focused manner.
Aromatherapy massage
Relaxing and pampering body massage. Add essential oils by choice to the base oil and help to soothe, relax and release the muscles that are taken, relieve the digestive system, refresh body skin, calm the nervous system, good for migraines and headaches, earaches and more ...
Facial massage and scalp .
Massage the facial muscles (jaw muscles, eye-eye, ears), scalp, neck and upper chest. It is designed to calm the central nervous system in the brain, relieve tensions, and refresh the skin of the face.
Lax oil .
Drip oil (usually hot) on the third eye located at the center of the forehead above the back and scalp, helps to calm, relief and release tension in the head.
Illustration .
Indian massage with oils. A gentle and gentle massage done all over the body to cleanse and purify the body of toxins, release stress and relax tension from the muscles. And calming the nervous system in the body. It is usually made with hot sesame oil combined with an oil libation on the third eye.
Hot stones .
Massage with hot stones at a temperature of 50 degrees. The role of the stones is heating by placing them along the body (above the sheet) and massage the body with them. Warming causes stress relief, relaxation of the nervous system, and muscle relaxation.
Massage pregnant women .
(From the 18th week - end of the fourth month) massage oils designed to ease and relax the body.
Helps the blood flow in the body, relieves the legs, and relieves stress on the back during pregnancy.
Integrated massage .
The therapist connects and feels the body needs and thus combines the appropriate style for the person, a massage that combines several styles such as Shiatsu, Thai, Swedish Massage, Reflexology, Face Massage Scalp and deep tissue massage ..
Massage with 4 hands:
Massage performed by 2 therapists simultaneously, you can combine different types of massages.
An Indian experience.
A very ancient healing method originating in India, according to the concept of healing, health is the balance and harmony between body, mind and environment. This massage is a deep body work and unique combination of stretching, releasing muscles, deep and natural breathing. Is designed to release the body from stress, toxins and blockages. Using sesame oil and antiseptic herbal powder, which stimulates blood circulation.
Twina / Twina.
Ancient Chinese healing theory. This method is similar and parallel to the infusions of physiotherapy and orthopedics in Western medicine. Through the treatment, energetic blockages can be released, the flow of energy in the body can be improved, and solutions to various orthopedic problems can be found. The method is most effective in treating skeletal, musculoskeletal, chronic back pain, tendonitis, as well as diagnosing and finding solutions to various pain problems such as migraine, asthma and insomnia.
Neck, face and scalp massage.
A pampering massage that causes the patient to feel sensual, acts directly on the energy centers (chakras) of the patient's body, while relaxing at stress points and nerves in the scalp and face.
Body Peeling .
(Mostly grains of salt) Peeling causes the removal of dead cells to clean the pores of the skin. Helps in the flow of blood, cleanses the skin and helps restore the upper layers of skin in the body. Different essential oils can be combined by choice.
Bays sauna .
Treatment done in a dry sauna, during which the hot air is poured into the skin and massage with wet eucalyptus leaves all over the body.
Colon Hydrotherapy -
Colorectal colon hydrotherapy is a safe and effective way to remove waste from the body by introducing filtered water and controlled temperatures into the colon. During treatment, you do not need to remove the clothes and you can wear a robe. The treatment is done by a registered nurse.
Ideology and Homophobia -
Reflection of health and disease in the eyeball. Diagnosis and treatment are done by Dr. Shalev, a doctor and a humpat senior at Beilinson Hospital.
Hydromassage -
A unique jet bath, during which the body is massaged through a 2-atom tube. Helps relax muscles, increase blood circulation and metabolism.
Twina (more explanation)
The meaning of the word Twina is: TUI-pull, NA-grab. The Tuina is a traditional Chinese physiotherapy based on Chinese medicine. This is a method of treatment by dynamic and energetic contact, which can range from focused focused work to vigorous work all over the body. The tavina specializes mainly in orthopedic problems, such as back pain, neck, shoulder pain, "frozen shoulder" (limitation of shoulder movement), disc herniation (dorsal and neck), sciatica, hand numbness, arthritis and tendon inflammation.
As a therapeutic tool that comes from Tibet and Mongolia and served as monasteries for meditation and healing. This therapy is experienced as a form of deep massage in sounds and frequencies that brings about the development of listening and harmony. Each bowl is made of seven sacred metals that correspond to seven stars and the sound produced from the bowl causes the brain to reach a calming frequency of "alpha waves". The vibration from the bowls can affect all levels of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Suitable for children, youth and adults with attention deficit disorders. Meditations and workshops dealing with bowls.
The Alexander Technique -
Alexander Technique is a process of re-learning the use of the body, designed to correct various problems caused over the years due to misuse. The uniqueness of the method is expressed in five principles: "recognition of the power of the habit", "erroneous sensory evaluation," "pause and reorganization," "the primary command and direction guidance," action and non-action. Treatment of this method helps to correct the use of the body to improve the health, functional and mental state. The method treats problems such as back pain, disc herniation, neck pain, knee problems, improper posture, respiratory problems, ADHD and other problems.
Albaum Technique -
The method is designed to improve the level of functioning of children, adolescents and adults who deal with a wide variety of difficulties arising from the low functioning of one of the intelligences or in combination between them: chorburkizus disorders, self-image and psychedelic, temper tantrums, dyslexia, dysgraphia, , Difficulties in the field of motor (rough and delicate) - cumbersome movements, inaccuracies in fine movements, poor coordination and low body image. Difficulties in carrying out daily activities such as: kneading of buttons, tying of shoelaces, cutting and cutting. Crumpled , The grinding of teeth, wetting, behavioral problems and various psychosomatic manifestations. In order to identify the difficulty with a fundamental approach to the functional complex of the integrated systems, and in accordance with the source of the problem that is revealed in the diagnosis,
Acupuncture is a method of encouraging the body to activate its healing powers and improve its functioning by injecting needles, using heating, or lecturing at certain acupuncture points. The modern scientific explanation is that acupuncture at certain points stimulates the nervous system to release chemicals in the muscle, spinal cord, and brain. These chemicals will change the feeling of pain, or lead to the release of other chemicals or hormones, which will affect the body's internal regulation system.
Oricolotherapy -
Acupuncture is performed by Dr. Michael Konstantinovsky, who has been an expert in Chinese medicine for more than 20 years, a sports physician in Israel's elite sports and women's basketball teams.
Laughter Workshop -
After laughter, we are more relaxed, satisfied and patient and more creative. Laughter is an ingenious invention to improve feeling and health. Laughter Yoga Laughing Workshops: Unleash the laughter hidden in our bodies: roll from laughter to bursting with laughter. Laughter makes people free and feel free. The laughter workshops are suitable for forming teams in organizations, private parties, bachelor parties and consolidation.