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Rub means smearing, rubbing. The general intention here is to smear the human body, apply the body and massage it with a certain preparation - cream or massage oil.
The smearing and rubbing operations are especially familiar from the world of massage and spa: when the patient is rubbed on the patient's body and rubbed.
These actions affect our bodies, physically and mentally. They have the power to calm us, to induce a pleasant atmosphere, to release tensions, and of course - the human touch in our bodies transmits energy, conveys warmth and sometimes stimulates sexual arousal.
A massage that combines the abrasive technique is supposed to help the body's medical processes (when you rub and press at certain points in our bodies): to stimulate blood flow, soak up the smudging material, soften the skin and help release the body at pressure points.
Although this type of massage is practiced in almost all types of massage, the most commonly identified massage is lymphatic massage, in which the patient's body is spread in oil and massaged to the lymphatic and lymphatic regions.
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Most types of massages combine the rub technique.
When the masseur rubs the body's client, it helps to go the blood, makes soft skin and also helps for sprained muscle.