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Day Spa - a day of delights spa

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Day Spa! What really...
Society 'I'm not jealous I just do not envy myself How vast my feelings are now as if I've won a lottery
But that's it, I would like to win the lottery, but I got something as good as that, I got a spa day !
Just a day of real pampering, wai for those who did not experience, wai for those who did not taste, wai for those who did not feel wai for my husband,
Who knew exactly what I needed and when.
Yesterday my husband told me that it was time for us to go to the spa together (something that did not interest me so much, I'm more of a girl of movies, sea, swimming and hiking)
But people, I tell you, it's lucky that my husband managed to convince me, to go with him to a day of pampering at the spa, what a crazy experience we went through,
I do not even know where to start, from where? From the fat bath? From the massage? From the meal? From the atmosphere? Everything was just extraordinary,
A day of true pleasures, I promise myself, at least twice a month to go to the spa, I know it will be an integral part of my life,
Even when I grow old and my time comes to be in a nursing home, I'll make sure it's a place where there was a spa , do you think I'm exaggerating? So this is not,
And for those who have not been on such a day of indulgence, believe me, and please believe me, after that you will want it all the time because it is addictive! I already want to find out
More places new spas, experience more kinds of massages, just taste more places, feel that I did not miss
From some interesting spa package spa day.
So friends, to know where the madness came from, for those who did not have a spa day, it's time! Go, take your spouse, even a friend, brother or sister,
No matter who, just go and make a day of fun at the spa and I promise you that you will enjoy every moment, it will leave you with a taste of more and you will plan the entertainment
Your next spa day . Good time!