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Massages menu.
Details of massage / massage.
Massage is a relaxing, pleasant, liberating and even healing thing.
Today many people all over the world, at least once a week, do massage,
Especially people who work hard.
Today the selection of massages is increasing and people are beginning to understand the types of massage so much
That they do their own massage for their partner and try different types of massage each time.
Spa centers.
Spa houses are also known as medical centers, there are now thousands of spas in every city
Spa houses usually have different types of massages to choose from in the spa house, there is a dry or wet sauna and even a jacuzzi. Spa centers can also be found in hotels and private homes.
Spa packages for couples.
Today, to surprise your partner with something unique and interesting, you do not have to think twice.
There are many couples who come to the spa all over the country, with open vouchers that were given a gift, or by their partner, and there are spa suites with personal suites that the couple is invited to stay in after a massage in the suite for a few hours to pamper themselves and relax. At any age, every day, every hour, sometimes even in the wee hours of the night.
Premium spa packages can be found in Israel's spa guide
Bachelor Party.
Until recently it was customary to celebrate bachelor parties in various dance dances, private villas, parties and even performances, today we receive many requests to spa houses throughout the country to celebrate a private event in place. They get their net place with Jacuzzi pools, sauna, rooms, and even buffet meals, party people enter the spa atmosphere dressed in robes with wine glasses in hand and background music and enjoy every moment.
Singles Party.
Singles Party Ashdod.
Bachelorette party.
Bachelorette party.
The Kfar Vitkin Spa.
Spa Packages.
In addition, there are packages that combine a double oils bath in a private room by candlelight, most of the spa houses have a sauna and a jacuzzi It's included in the package and it's for free use. And there are packages that include meals at the place or receive a voucher for a meal in a nearby restaurant. You can also put together a personal package
By priority or by budget.
Spa Day Fun.
Many people enjoy the fun of the spa, the relaxing atmosphere and the background music, enjoy a variety of massages, wet and dry saunas, Jacuzzi pools and even the meals. There is no time limit and you can reach and even families come for such a fun day and return home New ones are more relaxed and loving than ever.
Days of indulgence.
It is also true that massage is considered to be a very pampering thing, how many times have you told your mom or dad that I need a massage, today to get a real treat? People come to the spa for a really fun day, where they get a really relaxing and pampering massage, Jacuzzi instead of being pampered in a private oils bath and even indulge in a meal instead. What is more pampering than that?
A day of pampering at the spa for every age for any occasion and for any purpose.
Our anniversary.
I celebrated my anniversary and my partner's day with a pampering and relaxing day at the spa and returned home more than ever. It is known today that most couples turn to the spa centers in the country's vehicles to receive a day of pampering in the spa in honor of the anniversary with their spouse is not a good gift and I also strongly recommend your anniversary celebration at home Spa where you can enjoy a variety of private and private meals look and I promise that after Once on such a pampering day you will not wait for your anniversary and you will wait for a free day to indulge in the spa wish, happy year and a pleasant pastime.
There is nothing new with the marriage proposals that can be on a picnic flight through television etc. This is no longer a genuine thought you might offer in a spa marriage? My friend, my future husband, knows that I love massages and he takes care of me at least once a week to take me to a day of pampering at the spa, but this time he surprised me big, as every week even today he took me to indulge in the spa. We spent in the Jacuzzi We used the sauna We did massages and we always ended up with an obese bath It's already clear, we're getting married next summer so a lot of good luck to me and all the couples who are coming ...
The Herzliya Spa.
As in any city, we also have the pleasure of inviting you to a day of pampering at the Sal Mia Spa Herzliya Pituach. The place opens to two large and luxurious villas where you will receive a warm and delightful personal feel. A variety of professional massages, an oil bath and even meditation for those who like and not enough. In this way you get a meal for a couple in a restaurant in the marina so you can truly enjoy such an amazing pampering day.
Spa for women.
At least 80% of Israeli girls make a point of going to a cosmetician once a month to do facial treatments
The cost of the treatment ranges from 200 NIS to 300 NIS. We are here at the spa. We allow you to enjoy a variety of massages from sauna and Jacuzzi, from healthy meals and cosmetic and deep professional treatments. The cost of such a pampering day includes everything from NIS 400 to NIS 500 and you get professional acupuncture and professional manicure. Professional facial treatment Sauna and Jacuzzi health meal and also have a professional nail builder So instead of running from place to place here in one place receives everything on a pampering and professional treatment at the spa and after such a day I personally see that you come home more beautiful news than ever, And enjoy a day of professional treatment at the spa.
Kfar Vitkin.
Here in our little village
There is a new and refined B & B
With our hospitality coming from the heart
We warmly welcome any loving couple
Here you will get a massage and a meal
And of course privacy includes a spa
There is only a sauna and Jacuzzi for you
For three and a half hours you will only be with them
In absolute privacy and a magical atmosphere
Enjoy peaceful relaxation and pleasant music
The Kfar Vitkin team wishes you the best
Enjoyable entertainment and pleasant entertainment
Ashdod Massage.
Spa Healing Ashdod gives you the opportunity to enjoy a variety of massages such as:
Swedish massage, aromatic, hot stones, reflexology, deep tissue and body peeling
And our exclusive massage is recommended - foam massage.