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A single spa

Looking for single spa packages? Want to find the best spa resorts in Israel that offer you the best deals? You've come to the right place! Here at Spa Plus you can find and book a single spa for both women and men. Packages in special offers, visit each package and you can see all the details, the place, the atmosphere, what you get, what price and what it includes, a pleasant entertainment!
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User recommendations

We were very disappointed with all the event we went through and especially...

from58 Reviews

Spa at another level !!! Aside from the professionalism of the masseurs, think...

The Dan Caesarea Spa
Center - Rishon LeZion
from37 Reviews

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Palm Trees Spa
Center - Rishon LeZion
from1 Reviews

It's a shame about the time

Basalt Spa - Beach Guy Hotel
Center - Rishon LeZion
from8 Reviews

Clean and luxurious

Spa at the boutique hotel A23
Center - Rishon LeZion
from22 Reviews

Was great!

from38 Reviews

The nannies were fantastic and no less important - pleasant. The manager was...

from18 Reviews

Excellent hotel, amazing service, just wonderful

Spa hotel at the Lear Hotel
Center - Rishon LeZion
from7 Reviews

We really enjoyed the spa, the service at the restaurant and the meal was...

West End Spa Netanya
Center - Rishon LeZion
from42 Reviews

He was so great he enjoyed it so sure to come

Citrus Spa
Center - Rishon LeZion
from9 Reviews

Single spa - for whom it is suitable

It is true that when we think of spa, the first association that comes to mind, or at least for most of us, is the association of a romantic double spa that comes out in a couple together. However, there are a lot of cases where people are looking for a single spa, for various reasons such as: If my partner does not like spa and massages and I am so I do not have to give up this pampering if I have a partner and really want a pleasurable massage To release me a little from the pressures around and the like. In any case where you want to go to a single spa, most spa resorts offer very attractive and cost-effective packages.

Single spa packages

Here at Spa Plus we have collected all the spa packages from the best and most recommended spa houses in Israel! Among the packages you can find a single spa at the most amazing prices starting from only 150 NIS, among the packages are various massages such as: classic massage for the whole body, hot stone massage, massage with meal, massage for pregnant women, massage in hotels, massage With Jacuzzi and more, and the prices vary according to the components of the package, the type and duration of the massage chosen (30, 45, 60 minutes, etc.).

Single spa packages in hotels

There is almost no hotel that does not run a luxury spa, since the combination of a hotel and the atmosphere of freedom and tranquility, combine perfectly with the spa area. Here on the page, you will find spa packages that are provided in various hotels in Israel, nationwide. The great advantage of a single spa in hotels is the hotel facilities that can be used such as: pool, fitness center, dining room, Jacuzzi and more (some will be at an additional cost), as well as the prestige of arriving at the hotel is tidy and luxurious.

So if you want to enjoy a single spa package in hotels, seats and any other area in Israel, here you will find all the best spa resorts!