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Spa + accommodation

Spa with accommodation - a variety of packages in the most profitable deals of a spa with accommodation, each package shown here is full details about the spa including real pictures from the place, comments from customers who visited the spa and the price is particularly worthwhile, accommodation packages on the site are the best price can be accepted!
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User recommendations

Was excellent

Caesar Hotel Spa - Eilat
Eilat - Eilat and Arava
from9 Reviews

A warm and cordial welcome to a quiet and cluttered space would be back soon

Herbert Samuel Spa
Jerusalem - Jerusalem and the Judean Lowland
from52 Reviews

A magical experience for body and soul.

Akotika Spa - Akotika
Acre - The Western Galilee
from5 Reviews

It was a great fun day .. Great massage .. Only for lunch there is no hot or...

Spa at Hod Herbert Samuel Dead Sea Hotel
The Dead Sea - South and the Negev
from16 Reviews

Was delightful

Flamingo Spa - FlamingoSpa
Haifa - Haifa and the surrounding area
from395 Reviews

Wow! Perfect place with amazing atmosphere and the massage was great!

Spa at the Lady Stern Hotel - Selena spa
Jerusalem - Jerusalem and the Judean Lowland
from7 Reviews

He was so great he enjoyed it so sure to come

Citrus Spa
Starya - Jerusalem and the Judean Lowland
from71 Reviews

Amazing place for its beauty, courteous staff and services. Highly recommend .

Shavei Tzion - The Western Galilee
from62 Reviews

Great massage and the place is wonderful! I will definitely be back again

ALBI SPA - Spa at Albi Hotel Jerusalem
Jerusalem - Jerusalem and the Judean Lowland
from4 Reviews

It was amazing!!!! Stunning service..Everyone smiles and the place is clean and...

Xia Spa at the Lear Hotel
Gedera - Jerusalem and the Judean Lowland
from91 Reviews

Spa with accommodation - for a romantic and empowering experience

Want to go on a romantic vacation, but would you like to break the routine and not go to another hotel in Israel, but something else? It is precisely for this reason that it is time for you to meet the luxurious spa houses in Israel that offer spa packages with accommodation.
And what does that mean? Spa packages with accommodation include all the pampering of a standard spa package such as professional massages, a Jacuzzi and all the components of the changing package between one spa site and another. This package also includes a luxurious room in the spa area for a whole night of pleasure and romance. Most spa packages with accommodation can also include meals at an additional charge, some of which will go directly to your room so that all you have to do is just reach and relax and everything else will come to you!

Spa with accommodation for marriage proposals

In recent years, there have been more and more cases of marriage proposals at various spa resorts, and the reason for this is very clear. There is almost no one who does not like the pampering in the spa, whether it is the experience of the massage that is so liberating and soothing, the experience of togetherness, which sometimes disappears in our daily routine and more. Therefore, spas are a simple and romantic place to propose marriage!
If you plan to offer a wedding soon and think about how to do it, know that many spa resorts that offer a spa package with accommodation you can receive benefits for the marriage proposal such as decoration room balloons and flowers on the bed, reception of champagne and chocolates for celebration and more.